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‘We buy any house’ companies. Are they scams?

You may have seen them in the news recently, or heard them advertising on TV or radio – but we would like to go over and assess the companies that claim to be able to purchase any property for cash in the UK regardless of location or condition.

The added benefit of selling your property for quick cash is not just the fact you will be selling your property quickly but the fact that you can sell your property regardless of its condition. In fact, with a true cash buying firm, you should be able to sell any property and get a guarantee of that sale.

owever, when you look further into it, most companies that advertise to be able to buy any property in actual fact can’t do so.

The OFT investigation into the quick sale sector found that the majority of companies claiming ‘we buy any house’ can’t do that! For the reasons listed below, the companies that were under scrutiny have been targeted by the media for their false advertising and poor customer services.

They don’t have the funds to buy.

One common issue that was found in the quick house sale sector was that estate agents were posing as cash buyers, and didn’t have genuine funds readily available to buy property. This advertising scam was present in most of the top search engines and newspaper ads.

They don’t buy in certain areas.

Most of the cash buying companies that claim to be able to buy any house, don’t deal with Scotland or Wales. It is unfair to advertise as whole of the UK buyers and not offer a sale for people in Scotland or Wales.

They don’t buy certain properties.

Some of the quick sale firms that claim to buy any house, are unable to purchase flats, apartments or even nonstandard construction properties. This should be clearly mentioned on their websites.

One thing is for sure, if you need a quick sale and need to cash fast we could have the solution that other companies are lacking. They genuinely can buy any UK property, and will make an offer regardless of location, situation, asking price, or condition.