Selling a non-standard construction property

You may have heard the term ‘non-standard construction’ used before by your estate agent, or property buyer if you have called around a few quick house sale companies.

However, what does it actually mean if your property is non-standard construction? A non-standard structure can be many things, so it’s often easier to explain what standard construction is before delving into the possibilies of non-standard. Properties that are of standard construction are built using brick and/or block walls, and sit under a tiled pitched roof. This is all sat upon concrete foundations.

Any other property build type that doesn’t meet this specification is non-standard construction. Some property genuinely just struggles to sell.

What is the problem with selling non-standard construction properties?

Non-standard properties are very hard to lend finance on, therefore they are very difficult to sell. The reason being is that in the 1980’s a number of non-standard concrete houses were built by the government as local housing authority properties. These properties were built using concrete blocks and steel frames as support. The steel used at the time was often found to be not of good enough quality causing deteriation in the structure of the properties, giving them a lower life span than a traditional build.

This doesn’t mean that every property is like this, however mortgage companies do tend to take a dim light on such properties.

Can I still sell my non-standard construction home?

In short YES! We will look to buy any property in the UK, regardless of the location, or condition. However, our prices paid will be lower depending on the circumstances of the property. We do on occassion buy properties that are non-standard construction, however we assess every property on a case by case basis. Alternatively, we have other routes to sale for non-standard build properties that we would gladly discuss with you.

Ifh1s every non-standard property built of concrete?

No. Properties that are built with steel and glass, wood or any other building material are considered non-standard as mentioned below. Recently we had someone contact us with a property that was non-standard known as a Futuro house. There are less than 100 of these properties in existence, and they closely resemble an alien spaceship! Take a look at the photo opposite.

Our staff were unsure if they could sell quick enough before it flew away!

On a serious note, it is worth contacting us with any type of property you need to sell. We are experts at what we do, and if we can’t help for whatever reason, we can gladly point you in the right direction.

If you need to sell house fast, and have a spaceship house, wooden house, straw house or a regular bricks and mortar property, get in touch with the team at Top Cash Offer today.

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