Does A House Sell Faster Empty?

When it comes to selling a property, many estate agents will tell you that they find selling property which is already vacated and empty better than selling a home which is currently lived in. However, is it always the case that an empty house sells better? We don’t think so!

In the USA, a study was conducted of over 820 home buyers to see whether they were more interested in a property which was vacant or whether a staged property appealed to them more.

It turned out that the study proved that whether the house was staged or whether it was empty had little effect on the buyers!

Empty properties

Empty properties generally feel like they aren’t being lived in, and are cold and heartless. This isn’t always a bad thing for some buyers such as Ready Steady Sold, as it gives them the potential to visualise the property in their own way. They can assess where their furniture is going to go, and what colours they are going to go for.

Lived in properties

If a property is lived in, and is clean and tidy with clutter hidden away, there is no reason it will not sell quickly. In fact in could assist with the sale further and help you sell a house quickly if you style the property neutrally so it pleases most buyers.

The simple fact is, there is no real answer to whether a house will sell faster if it’s empty. Every buyer is different and wants to see different things! As a cash buying company we would buy property without even visiting it. We simply need to instruct a surveyor, and will make a decision to buy or not based on his report. We don’t get emotionally attached to the purchase process like most buyers generally do. We make our decision as a business decision.

If you are interested in selling your house quickly for cash, please get in touch with us today.

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