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Is it Worth Trying to Sell My House Before Christmas?

Agents are often asked when the best time of year is to advertise a house for sale. The answer to this is there busy and quieter periods throughout the year with the last peak of buyers in the year suring September/October. So if you are a home owner not yet on the market and, like […]

How Can I Sell My House Quickly?

There is only one real way to sell your house quickly, and that is to accept a cash offer for it. Whether you accept a cash offer on the open market, from an investor, or from a company like Top Cash Offer, you can expect to receive a lower price than what you would from […]

Selling A Property Quickly In London

In and around London an exploration of ways to sell property, Expert tips and advice on how to sell property fast in London. It’s a tough decision to make when deciding who will help me sell my property fast and fairly! One solution is we pay the most having achieved for their clients in London […]

Selling a non-standard construction property

You may have heard the term ‘non-standard construction’ used before by your estate agent, or property buyer if you have called around a few quick house sale companies. However, what does it actually mean if your property is non-standard construction? A non-standard structure can be many things, so it’s often easier to explain what standard […]

Selling a property with Japanese Knotweed

Finding out that you have a certain plant known as Japanese knotweed in your garden within close proximity to your house can be disasterous when it comes to trying to sell. Japanese knotweed is a plant which spreads very quickly, and is hell-bent on destruction – easily breaking through walls, concrete, and drains. It can […]

Sell a property with a sitting tenant

So you have an investment property with a tenant signed up to a 6 month AST or possibly longer, and you want to sell the property quickly. We can help you in a number of ways. Firstly, you need to understand that selling properties with a tenant is not an easy task, especially on the […]

Sellling inherited property fast

If a loved one has passed away, and you were their next of kin; you could find that you are left with their home as inheritance. This isn’t always parents who leave their property to their children, sometimes distant relatives who don’t have much close family place you as the new owner of their property. […]

What Is A Cash Offer On A House

Offering cash for a house is something that has gone on for centuries. Technically speaking the only true way of selling a house fast is via a cash offer, and this is where a lot of companies on the internet fail to deliver on their promises. Let’s first look at what a house cash offer […]

Does A House Sell Faster Empty?

When it comes to selling a property, many estate agents will tell you that they find selling property which is already vacated and empty better than selling a home which is currently lived in. However, is it always the case that an empty house sells better? We don’t think so! In the USA, a study […]

Sell House Fast Company Reviews

When dealing with a company that claims to be able to ‘sell house fast’, it’s always a good idea to check out independent and legitimate reviews. We currently use to verify and approve our customer reviews, so we can show our customers that we genuinely do want to help them. Some companies that claim […]