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Free House Valuation

If you are looking for a free valuation of your property, you need to read this report.

There are many websites online offering free valuations of property. However, are you aware that none of the valuations they offer are even in the slightest accurate? In fact some fast house sale websites completely make up the figure in order to get your contact details!

Below we have highlighted the different types of house valuation you can expect to get from various websites, and how realistic that valuation is. But you firstly need to understand that the only type of valuation that you can receive on your property that means anything is a RICS valuation. RICS (Royal Insititute of Chartered Surveyors) are an independent body that values properties for mortgage purposes.

This valuation is the only true valuation you can rely on as the actual value of your home.


My Estate Agent Has Valued My Property Is This Accurate?

No. Estate agencies will put a value on your property of what they think it is worth. As a general rule this valuation is generally very close to an actual valuation, as most estate agents know the area very well and are able to make an accurate assumption of what a surveyor may say. However, estate agents are also businesses and like any business are looking to make money. If estate agent A tells you he can acheive £100,000 for your home and that is it's value; and estate agent B tells you he can acheive £120,000, the one you are going to choose is obvious.Estate agents will artificially inflate the value of your property in order to get you signed up. Sometimes this is for an up front fee from you and other times it is so that in 6 months time they can tell you to drop the price. These tactics are very common with estate agents and ones you need to be wary of.


I've Used Zoopla Or Another Online Valuation Tool, Are These Accurate?

No. All online tools are using old data, from previous sale history. This information is completely innacurate and not to be trusted. Another point to make with online valuation tools is that they don't know what kind of effort you have put into your property. For example, one property on your street may have sold for £20,000 and Zoopla will record that as the estimate valuation for the street. However, what Zoopla doesn't know is that property was burned out and sold at auction. This will affect the value placed on your property, which isn't really fair. Especially if you have spent thousands on an extension, new bathroom, new kitchen or whatever. The same goes the other way if your property is in a state of needing updating, and your neighbour who has significantly updated has recently sold, your valuation on the online tools will be over exaggerated.


What Kind Of Valuation Do You Offer?

We offer three types of free valuation depending on what route to sale you are taking. Our first type of valuation is the one we offer freely on our website at the top of this page. Quite simply this valuation will give you a cash offer based on the estimated price that you put in. This offer is indicative and only for estimation purposes. If you are interested in the offer, the next step is to get a valuer out. We only send out RICS approved valuers to properties we are buying for cash. These valuers are independent and have no connection to us.

This valuation is the only valuation that you can truely rely on. Remember, even at this point you are not obliged to sell your property to us.

The other type of valuation we offer is if you are not interested in our cash offer, and want to go down the route of selling on the open market. This valuation is worked out with you, and using sales comparibles from historic data. Again, this is not a 100 per cent accurate valuation, but we have a good idea of what you could potentially sell your property for.